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Sterling Silver Nissen Skier Pendant / Ornament

Hand Crafted Silver

Sterling Silver Nissen Skier Pendant / Ornament

$ 55.00

This Sterling Silver Nissen Skier Pendant/ Ornament is designed after the Scandinavian mythological creature. Nissen is a small man dressed in grey clothes and with a red stocking cap on his head. He's got four fingers and is missing his thumb. .He usually stays in the barn or the stables where he is tending to the animal and is making sure that they are well treated. If the people on the farm mistreat their animals he will punish them severely. He can make himself invisible and beat them till they're blue all over, or he can make you stumble and spill your milk or fall into the manure heap. But if you are nice to the animals, he will help you in every way. And you must ALWAYS remember to put out a bowl of porridge in the barn for him on Christmas Eve Over the past several hundred years Nissen has developed into the Scandinavian Santa Clause or Julenissen or Christmas Nissan. !This fellow is approximately 2" in diameter and would make any tree pretty special. He comes suspended from a bright red ribbon.

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